Don’t miss Fast Company’s refugee-focused series this week

This week, all week, Co.Exist is running a series about planet Earth’s ongoing refugee crisis. 

It’s not just about what, or why, or how displaced people get from point A to point B—although it will answer all of those questions. This series is about creating a refugee-ready, refugee-friendly world.

Staff editor Jess Leber explains:

“The stories are based on the premise that this is not only about solving a discrete problem in front of us: about the hundreds of thousands of people knocking at Europe’s door or stuck at Jordan’s border cut off from the world. It’s about creating a refugee-ready, refugee-friendly world, and modeling how nations and people can respond to future crises each and every time.”

Find new stories as they are published right here. And as always, let us know what you think by emailing coexistcomments [at] fastcompany [dot] com.JCT