These are the most ridiculous features of Trump’s new ultra-luxury hotel in D.C.—”wine by the spoon”? 

Today the Trump International Hotel, which Donald Trump has promised will be “one of the great hotels of the world,” hosts a soft opening. The century-old former post office building, which sits just a few blocks from the White House, is now a $212 million hotel with rooms starting at $895 a night, and features among its extravagances, according to the Washington Post:

• “wine by the spoon” served at the crystal-chandelier bar

• daily champagne saberings (“in which bottles are opened by sword,” helpfully explains the Post)

• the 6,300-square-foot Trump Townhouse, with private office and separate Pennsylvania Avenue entrance, goes for $20,000 a night.

• gold-encrusted bathrooms (of course)MB