Morning intel: Clinton treated for pneumonia, Samsung stock down 7%

• Following her sudden exit from an event at the 9/11 memorial yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s doctor revealed that she is undergoing treatment for a bout of pneumonia. The incident could make it difficult for Clinton to continue staving off requests to make her medical records public. 

• Tesla is retooling its Autopilot feature—an upgrade that will launch in the coming weeks—after a fatal crash involving Autopilot back in May. 

• Remember Lucas? Today, Venmo kicks off its first major national ad campaign. Watch the minute-long online exclusive spot here

• Samsung’s stock is down by about 7% after the company urged Galaxy Note 7 owners not to use their devices and issued a recall, due to multiple instances of the phone catching fire. 

• On Friday, Facebook backed down on its decision to delete posts of an iconic photo from the Vietnam War, which featured a young girl running naked after a napalm attack—a supposed violation of the platform’s community standards. PM