Maven, an on-demand health care startup, has a new product aimed at women on college campuses

The company uses videoconferencing to connect patients with a network of mental health, reproductive health, and wellness professionals. Its new product, Maven Campus, offers unlimited access to same-day video appointments for college women for $25 per month (if you subscribe for a year) or $45 per month (for a month-by-month subscription). In a blog post, Maven CEO Kate Ryder wrote that the new product was inspired by organic demand on college campuses, which included students who used Maven to book:

· Appointments with OB/GYNs or nurses about potentially uncomfortable sexual health questions that college women didn’t want to ask their friends

· One-off appointments with college women seeking prescriptions for everything from sinus infections to birth control

· Mental health appointments with students hesitant to seek care through university health services, where they might run into fellow students — or through their parents — or having their parents set them up with a private practitioner, which gets to be very expensive.

· Appointments with students at rural campuses with few on-site health care options

· Appointments with students at Jesuit or Catholic colleges that offer limited support for sexual health through “standard” channels

“A recurring theme across these appointments was a feeling that students would face less of a stigma, or less judgment, in digital interactions,” Ryder noted.SK