Apple’s iPhone 7 slogan gets lost in translation and tells Hong Kong users “This is penis”

Apple’s iPhone 7 launch is apparently the butt of an admittedly very funny translation gaffe, reports Quartz

It goes like this: Apple’s slogan for the new device is “This is 7.” The problem is that it doesn’t translate perfectly into Chinese dialects, explains Quartz. Apple tried to futz around with the wording to make it a bit more comprehensible, but it lost its simplicity in the making (in Cantonese, the translation Apple aimed for was “This, is exactly, 7”). 

But the company also failed to realize one important nuance. The word for “7” in Cantonese—the Chinese dialect spoken in Hong Kong—is “柒.” It’s pronounced tsat, which also happens to be inoffensive slang for “penis.” So the Hong Kong slogan can be interpreted as “This is penis.”

Will Apple try to fix this literal error? Who knows, but until then all it will have is penis. CGW