A win for menstrual activists: Brown University now provides free tampons

Brown students no longer have to worry about whether they forgot to bring a tampon in their backpack. The school is now stocking bathrooms with tampons and pads. In a truly progressive move, they are now ensuring that these products are available in men’s bathrooms for the sake of trans students. 

I delved into the world of menstrual activism recently in a story entitled “Bleeding on the Job: A Menstruation Investigation.” While getting your period unexpectedly or being caught without supplies may seem like a small thing, over the course of a lifetime, it can amount to days of unnecessary anxiety and lost productivity. 

Free The Tampon, a non-profit organization that encourages companies to make menstrual products available to employees, calculates that it only costs $4.67 per woman per year to offer these items. Brown’s efforts might spur other universities to follow suit. 

The next battle on the horizon: ensuring that low-income and homeless women have access to these supplies. The tampon brand Conscious Period, for instance, is trying to draw attention to this issue. For every box it sells, it donates pads to a homeless shelter. 

[Image: Conscious Period]ES