AliveCor brings blood pressure tracking to its heart health offering 

AliveCor, the company that offers an FDA-approved smartphone-connected cardiogram, is now tracking blood pressure, too.

Today, AliveCor introduced a new iOS app that will combine its electrocardiogram (EKG), which tracks abnormal heart rhythms, with blood pressure monitoring. The company is integrating with Omron Healthcare, a maker of high-tech blood pressure cuffs that are used by people with hypertension. 

The goal is to create a set of FDA-approved devices and apps that can help people with cardiac issues track their health, and get to the emergency room at the first sign of distress to avoid strokes and other potentially fatal outcomes. 

AliveCor CEO Vic Gundotra told me last week over coffee that the company has worked closely with regulators and scientific researchers to demonstrate the efficacy of its tools to the medical community. “Doctors want trusted digital health tools that are clinical grade, and not toys,” he said. CF