Burrito-delivering drones are finally here

Students at Virgina Tech will be able to literally live the dream this school year: They’ll be able to get burritos delivered by drone.

Chipotle has partnered with Project Wing, part of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, on new a new drone-delivery service for burritos on campus. The experimental service starts this month, and will only last a few weeks (bummer). It will be the first time Project Wing has used drones to deliver items directly to customers. The hope is to test the packaging (to ensure that the burrito shows up warm) in addition to the automated delivery process and its safety.

Burritos will be delivered from a food truck parked on campus, and pilots will be on hand to take control of the delivery if they need to. Burrito recipients will be volunteer faculty and staff of the university, as well as, perhaps, “other recruits.” My guess is it won’t be too hard to find people willing to help out.

[Photo: Project Wing]EP