For two years, Cuyana interviewed women about what they wanted in a work bag

Even though there are thousands of bags on the market, professional women are not happy with their opinions for work bags. This is something I discovered recently as I did a deep-dive into the handbag industry

Fashion brand Cuyana kept hearing from their customers that they were not happy with their current choices. The company spent two years doing in-depth interviews with a range of working women, studying existing products on the market, and then prototyping a bag that would meet women’s needs. 

From their research, the main gap in the market appears to be a bag that is made from high-quality leather, but is also utilitarian, that is, full of pockets for a laptop up to 15 inches as well as a host of other tech accessories like tablets, phones, and chargers. Users also said they wanted a bag that was as light as possible and had a shoulder strap as well as satchel handles, for versatile carrying. While it is easy to find a bag that is beautiful or practical, women were struggling to find something that brought both qualities together.

After all of this research and prototyping, this is the bag that they’ve created, which launches this month.