Facebook’s News Feed just turned 10

It’s hard to believe, but Facebook debuted News Feed 10 years ago today. Here’s the OG News Feed team right after launching the feature in 2006: 

Were we ever so young? In just 10 years, the News Feed has completely reshaped the online news business and social web, bit by bit, algorithm by algorithm. But as Mark Zuckerberg reminded us yesterday, the News Feed wasn’t a hit with users initially. From his Facebook post:

News Feed was the first real social feed. It was such a fundamental idea that now, 10 years later, every major social app has its own equivalent of News Feed.

Not everyone liked the idea immediately . . . about 1 million people joined a protest group threatening to quit if we didn’t change Facebook back. I remember there were actual protesters in the streets outside our office demanding we change.

But one of the things I’m most proud of about Facebook is that we believe things can always be better, and we’re willing to make big bets if we think it will help our community over the long term. News Feed has been one of the big bets we’ve made in the past 10 years that has shaped our community and the whole internet the most.

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