Ambitious Burning Man project snagged by technical problems

Our own Daniel Terdiman went behind the scenes last month for a look at the centerpiece of this year’s Burning Man festival: “a 43-feet-tall, 20,000-pound modern-day interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, suspended 50 feet in the air, rotating 360 degrees perpendicular to the ground.” Unfortunately, the project has run into technical problems. 

Here’s a statement from Burning Man spokesperson Jim Graham:

“When the Man was mounted to the drive mechanism on Tuesday, we encountered more torque than expected, resulting in a couple of connection bolts being sheared. We ordered stronger bolts, but after being replaced, we had a failure of the U-joint in the transmission system. Burning Man organizers made the decision to rotate the Man to an upright position and lock it in place to allow participants access to Man pavilion beginning Wednesday morning.”