There are about to be fewer apps in Apple’s store (and that’s good)

Eight years after Apple’s iOS App Store launched, it can still be frustratingly difficult to find the app you want, even if it’s in there somewhere. Part of the problem is that many categories are larded up with stuff that hasn’t been updated in eons—and which, in some cases, isn’t even fully compatible with the current version of the operating system.

Now Apple is about to get rid of some of that chaff. As TechCrunch‘s Romain Dillet reports, the company has notified developers that it’s going to start removing outdated apps from the store starting on September 7 (which also happens to be the day it will announce new iPhones). Almost by definition, good apps get regular updates and bad ones do not, so the move could significantly improve the quality of search results.

In a related shift, Apple is going to limit developers to 50-character names for their wares. That shouldn’t prevent anyone from fitting in a product’s entire moniker. But it will foil sneaky types who stuffed the name field with keywords to nudge their listings to an unnaturally high position in search rankings.