This Trump action figure reached its $15,000 crowdfunding goal in one day

Political memorabilia is now fairly standard during the run-up to a general election, but this year’s fascinating candidates have spurred more dolls, action figures, T-shirts, and buttons than ever before. 

FCTRY, the company that created the Bernie Sanders doll that raised over $248,000 on Kickstarter, has now unveiled what it describes as “literally the greatest action figure ever made.” It features Donald Trump with his middle finger up, removable hair for easy cleaning, and incredibly deep pockets that are impossible to open. 

Five percent of the doll’s proceeds will go to Border Angels, an organization that provides undocumented Mexican immigrants with drinking water and medical assistance, which offers a sense of founder Jason Feinberg’s political leanings. 

Given that the dolls are being manufactured in China, they will only start shipping in December, just in time for Inauguration Day. The website explains:

Yes, these action figures will be made in China. But seriously, can everyone just shut up about that already? The fact is that China manipulates their currency so much that it makes it almost impossible for American toy factories to compete. So now there are none. We may have ideals but we’re not idiots. We’re trying to run a successful business here.

[Images via FCTRY]ES