Steve Jobs’ white whale: the TV industry

Recode has a fascinating story about a 2011 conversation between Steve Jobs and tech journalist Walt Mossberg. Apparently, Jobs was working on an Apple TV after he stepped down as chief executive—not just an app or a set-top box but an actual television set

Jobs passed away shortly after the conversation, but it’s interesting to think of what he could have come up with. The traditional TV industry has proved notoriously difficult to disrupt, in part because licensing deals between broadcasters, media companies, and cable operators are a conflicting minefield of red tape and content restrictions. The original Apple TV came out in 2007, but the tech giant has never been able to successfully negotiate all the rights necessary to be able to stream live TV content from network affiliates and the like. 

Check out the story here. It’s a quick read.

[Photo: Flickr user Ben Stanfield]CZ