Facebook introduces image stabilization for 360 videos

At the @Scale conference in San Jose, California, Wednesday, Facebook announced a new video stabilization feature for 360 videos that are uploaded to the site.

Up until this point, the majority of video stabilization technology has been designed specifically for videos with a narrow focus, using 2D motion models to stabilize shaky video. That works great for videos you shoot on your smartphone, but the experience doesn’t translate well to 360 videos.

Facebook’s new 360 video stabilization uses 2D and 3D stabilization methods, as well as a new “deformed rotation” motion model that it says will make shaky 360 videos much smoother, cutting down on the chance of them making you nauseous when you try to watch them on a VR headset like Samsung’s Gear VR.

It’s also fast. Facebook says the videos can be stabilized at roughly the speed it would take to play a video back at regular speed.EP