Take a look at Parrot’s new mini drones: Swing and Mambo

Parrot unveiled two new mini drones Tuesday, the Parrot Swing and Parrot Mambo. The Swing is a mini drone with vertical takeoff like a plane. It can transition between plane and quadcopter mode, depending on how you fly it. 

The Mambo is a transforming drone, which works with additional accessories to do things like catch objects or throw projectiles. It also lights up in the dark.

The two new drones also introduce a new dedicated gamepad called the Parrot Flypad, which helps you pilot the devices more precisely and maintain a constant connection with the drone when you fly longer distances.

The Parrot Swing and Flypad will be priced at $139, and the Parrot Mambo with two accessories will be $119. Both will be available next month. EP