Is the LG V20’s (dual-lens) camera as badass as LG says it is? Maybe.

I’m always hesitant to repost demo videos, but LG caught my eye with this one featuring its new V20, which the company says has the best camera since, uh, ever. If it was really used to shoot this video, it might be. 

Dual-lens cameras are about to become common on smartphones (Apple’s iPhone 7 is expected to have one). In some dual-lens cameras, one black-and-white camera captures fine contrast details while the other camera captures the color, the results being combined by software into a single photo.

 The video is also useful for getting a look at the multi-tasking functions in the newly-released Android 7.0 (Nougat) OS, which will ship with the V20. LG timed the announcement of the new V20 for September 6, one day before the Apple fall press event in which the iPhone 7 will be announced.

Hat tip: Android AuthorityMS