Clinton: “Americans will no longer separate mental health from physical health”  

Hillary Clinton unveiled today her new plan for providing mental health services in America. Broadly speaking, it involves better integrating mental health and physical health as well as tasking federal agencies with creating new payment models. Taking a page from Bernie Sanders, she’s also planning to up funding for community health centers. 

Clinton is also calling for more enforcement of “mental health parity,” legislation that requires insurers to cover mental health care. Media reports have demonstrated time and time again that these laws aren’t adequately enforced by state or federal governments, and patients are routinely left without access to care. 

Via the Clinton campaign

Hillary will ensure that the Departments of Labor and HHS have the authority they need to conduct randomized audits of insurers, to determine whether they are complying with the parity law. She will direct both agencies to bring appropriate enforcement actions against insurers, and to make their enforcement actions more transparent so that the general public is more aware when insurers violate the law.