It’s now easier for gamers to report sexist hate speech on Microsoft’s Xbox Live

Microsoft is trying to make it easier for users of its Xbox Live and other services to report hate speech. The company’s hometown newspaper, The Seattle Times, spotted a new online form where people can report abusive behavior targeting people based on race, gender, religion, age, and other protected classes. The form lets users report on which services they’d seen the abusive speech, including Skype, Outlook, and OneDrive, in addition to Xbox Live. 

Tech companies have been under more pressure to crack down on abuse in light of recent incidents of harassment aimed at high-profile figures like Ghostbusters co-star Leslie Jones, who temporarily quit Twitter in July after being bombarded with racist posts. 

Online gaming can be an especially toxic breeding ground for sexist speech and abuse. Xbox Live has close to 50 million active users. 

Check out the full form here.CZ