The sale of “burkinis” hits a new high

Many French cities have banned women from wearing so-called burkinis—modest, full-bodies swimsuits—on local beaches. The French high courts are currently ruling on the legality of these bans.

In the meantime, Muslim women around the world who wear these costumes for modesty have protested. Today, in a New York Times opinion piece, 17-year-old writer Romaissaa Benzizoune says:

And according to Mayor David Lisnard of Cannes, if worn on a beach in his French city, it is “unwelcome.” It is a “symbol of Islamic extremism.” … I get the feeling that he wouldn’t understand the irony of his statements even if I explained it to him. A prime example of “Islamic extremism” is forbidding Muslim women to swim at a beach as they please. It is restricting their apparel choices, robbing their free will, making rules about how they should present themselves in public. 

But this uproar has actually resulted in a spike in burkini sales. BBC News reports that Aheda Zanetti, the Australian woman who claims the trademark on the name burkini, has seen a 200% increase in online sales.