Fission at BuzzFeed: new News and Entertainment orgs aim for online video dominance

You will not believe what is happening at BuzzFeed!

Well, over at Vanity Fair today, we just got word that the massive online repository of cat videos, dress memes, and a fair amount of terrific reporting is being split into two organizations. One will be all about entertainment, the other about news. 

The idea, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti told Vanity Fair, is to maximize the company’s dominance in online video. 

Should that worry people who look to BuzzFeed for real journalism rather than just 25 ways to this or that? “Peretti says he understands that the shift toward video can be ‘scary for people who write for a living,'” VF wrote. “But he notes that change is an industry-wide concern, not one unique to just BuzzFeed.”

Peretti told Fast Company last winter that he looks to CNN and Paramount for inspiration. Perhaps that’s why the new BuzzFeed News seems to have a CNN feel to it. Peretti also told us that BuzzFeed reorgs every three months as a way of keeping people from getting complacent.DT