Android Nougat’s single most confounding feature

When Google’s Android Nougat became available for my Nexus 5x phone yesterday, I rushed to install it.  Though not a major upgrade from its predecessor, Marshmallow, it’s excellent.

But here’s something I just don’t get: Nougat retains the pointless eyesore of a status bar at the top, which quickly fills up with tiny notification icons that remind me of Windows 98, including dupes such as the three Facebook icons you can see below:

Now, I’m sure there are folks who like this feature. Fine. I can’t imagine, though, that I’m the only one who wants to turn it off. Not only does the operating system have no way to do that, but the third-party apps I know of that offer the ability either mess up Android in other ways or require the phone to be rooted.

I switch back and forth between iOS and Android on a regular basis; both are so good these days that I can’t decide which one I prefer. But every time I come back to Android and see those notification icons pile up, I wonder how they’ve survived so long.HM