Morning intel: Amazon is reportedly getting into music streaming, Gawker bids adieu

• Is there anything Amazon doesn’t want to do? Recode reports that Amazon is in talks to launch two music streaming services—one exclusive to the Echo device and one for all Amazon users. 

• Gawker founder Nick Denton penned a goodbye note yesterday evening to mark the end of’s last day of operation. Head over to the site to read closing remarks from Gawker writers and editors. 

• Melania Trump is suing the Daily Mail for defamation, in response to an unsavory article about her. Trump is using the services of Charles Harder, the same lawyer that helped Hulk Hogan win his case against Gawker. 

• And ICYMI: Hillary Clinton just can’t seem to shake those emails. The FBI has collected another 15,000 emails and will be releasing them soonPM