Nike wants to be your personal trainer

Personal trainers are for Hollywood stars and Olympic athletes, not mere mortals like you and me. 

Or so I’ve always assumed. But thanks to technology, it’s now possible to experience some of the benefits of personal training without making an Olympic-size dent in your budget. With the latest version of fitness app Nike+ Run Club, for example, personalized coaching for newbie runners is central to the experience.  

“If you have a body, you’re an athlete,” says Jay Lee, global head of product for Nike+. “What we’ve learned is that we really need to serve [athletes] as individuals if we want them to reach their full potential.”

The updated version of Nike+ Run Club includes coaching plans like “Get Started” and “Get More Fit,” to provide beginners with a more accessible entry point to the sport. Within the plans, Nike has added a new “Benchmark Run” feature that gauges improvements over time—without requiring expert knowledge of concepts like “critical velocity.” As the app learns more about you, it tailors your workouts accordingly. 

Nike+ Run Club competes against similar apps that use GPS data to track runs, including Runkeeper and Under Armour’s Map My Run.   

[Photo: Nike]AH