• 08.19.16

Morning intel: Uber’s class-action settlement is rejected, SEC probes Hampton Creek

• The chilling photograph of a 5-year-old Syrian boy, Omran Daqneesh—who was pulled out of the rubble after an airstrike in Aleppo—graces the cover of newspapers across the world today, after making the rounds on social media. 

Bill Clinton announced that the Clinton Foundation would stop accepting foreign or corporate money and he would step down from his board position if Hillary were to become president.

• San Francisco district judge Edward Chen has thrown out Uber‘s proposed settlement of $100 million for 385,000 drivers in a class-action suit, calling it “not fair, adequate, and reasonable.”

Twitter‘s new quality filter feature is an attempt to help users combat trolls, by allowing them to filter out “lower-quality” tweets in their notifications and mentions. In related news: Twitter announced yesterday that it has now suspended more than 360,000 accounts for promoting terrorism

• The SEC is looking into whether Hampton Creek broke the law by not informing investors that it was buying large quantities of its own product, Just Mayo, from grocery stores.

• Coming up: This Sunday marks the end of the Olympics, with a closing ceremony that will include a performance by Norwegian DJ Kygo and, if all goes well, an appearance by Brazilian soccer legend Pelé. PM