• 08.18.16

More details revealed on Trump campaign chairman’s ties to Russian billionaires

Ever since reports first surfaced that Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort had ties to Russian oligarchs and to the Ukraine’s former regime, there have been plenty of questions asked about the extent of those relationships. A new report from NBC provides some answers.

Here’s a list of the oligarchs and Manafort’s dealings with them. 

Dmytro Firtash: In 2008, Manafort and Firtash discussed working together on an $850 million revamp of the Drake hotel with Firtash offering to contribute roughly $100 million to the project. The deal later fell through. Russian billionaire Dmytro Firtash supposedly has ties to “a notorious Russian crime lord,” according to NBC. Manafort notes that he never actually had a business relationship with Firtash, because the deal never came to fruition, but that he almost did. 

• Viktor Yanukovych: Manafort was paid an undisclosed amount  to advise former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, who was tethered to Putin and his interests

• Oleg Deripaska: Russian oligarch who owns and runs a industrial company Basic Element and has been refused entry to the U.S. on multiple occasions due to his close connections to the Russian mafia, according to NBC. In 2008, Deripaska paid Manafort $7.35 million in “management fees” related to an investment fund. RR