• 08.17.16

The robots are coming—and they’re raising more cash than you are

Robotics-oriented startups are increasingly attracting the attention—and cash—of venture capitalists, and CB Insights has the list to prove it. 

The research firm posted a roundup of more than 80 robotics startups that have raised equity funding since 2013, with companies specializing in everything from humanoid robots to large-scale industrial robots. A majority of the companies on the list have received VC backing, CB Insights said. Topping the list is Auris Surgical Robots, a company based in San Carlos, California, that makes medical devices. The startup raised $149.6 million from Lux Capital and Mithril Capital Management. 

Other startups on the list are building house-cleaning robots, social robots, and even robotic arms for your desktop.      

“From factory floors to homes, the demand for robots as workers, companions, medical assistants, cooks, and security guards—among other applications—is increasing,” CB Insights wrote yesterday in a blog post.

Read the full list here, and try not to worry about the uprising. It seems inevitable at this point. CZ