• 08.17.16

If Clinton wins, many Texans support the state leaving the U.S.

This story has been updated.

This election season has prompted many Americans to talk about leaving the country if their preferred candidate isn’t elected. It seems voters in Texas might have an entirely different idea: they’ll become their own country.

Results from a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling released Tuesday suggest that 60% of Texans who support Donald Trump would support an effort for Texas to secede from America if Hillary Clinton is elected. (That represents about 27% of all voters in the state.)

That’s slightly higher than the number of Texans who traditionally agree with seceding. The idea has come up fairly often throughout the years, with the same poll reporting that only 25% of Texans support leaving the country in general. Trump is currently leading Clinton in the polls in Texas by 6%.

Public Policy Polling is known for its unconventional surveys. In December, it reported that 30% of Republican primary voters were in support of bombing Agrabah. Agrabah is a fictional country which was depicted in the Disney film AladdinEP