• 08.17.16

SpaceX is preparing to launch a taxi service to the International Space Station

In 2006, President George W. Bush decommissioned America’s space shuttle program that took astronauts to lower Earth orbit and the International Space Station. These days, the only way for Americans to get to space is by hitching a ride with the Russians at a cost of upwards of $70 million. 

President Obama has been working to develop NASA‘s Commercial Crew Program that will be a partnership between the government and private space companies. According to Gizmodo, SpaceX and Boeing have each received more than $3 billion from NASA to develop technologies that will shuttle astronauts to space. 

It looks like they are on track to start their taxi service that will take crews to space by 2017. NASA is currently outfitting the International Space Station with a parking spotor International Docking Adaptersthat SpaceX and Boeing will use. This process is happening on Friday at 8:05 a.m. EDT and you can watch it on NASA’s live streaming service on YouTube

If you can’t wait till then, here’s a teaser.