• 08.17.16

I tried McDonald’s new fitness tracker this morning—and boy, am I “active”!

Maybe it was lifting my arm to shove that breakfast burrito into my mouth. Or taking a sip of the overheated coffee. Or turning my head to look for an extra salsa packet. Either way, just one minute after turning on my McDonald’s Step-It fitness tracker this morning, I was already up to 29.

“Track how active you are and challenge your friends!” That’s the message that comes with the instructions for the new plastic wristband that McDonald’s is selling for $1.69 (free with the purchase of a Happy Meal). 

Well, judging by my experience, it doesn’t take much to be “active.” Soon after exiting McDonald’s this morning (on foot, I might add), I sauntered half a block down to the subway entrance, walked down a flight of steps, walked through the turnstile, got on the R train, sat down for the length of the ride, got off the train and walked up another flight of stairs (whew, I’m exhausted) and walked maybe 300 yards to the lobby of our building, where I took an elevator to the 29th floor and walked a few more steps to my desk at the offices of Fast Company.

So, how am I doing so far? 2,049!

Whatever that means. It’s just an arbitrary number, for all I know. I guess it tallies any motion (let me flex my eyebrow and see if I can get some points for that!). Since there’s only room for five digits on the display panel, all I need to do is walk to the kitchen, make myself another cup of coffee and make some gestures in conversation and I’ll have hit the maximum!

Sure, it’s made for kids and maybe they’ll start competing with each other to be more active, which is a good thing considering the levels of obesity in American children. But don’t call it a fitness tracker.MB