• 08.16.16

Apple is assembling a team of music lyrics curators

Sometimes creative types really can find killer day jobs in tech. Sci-fi writers working at GM. Poets working on Cortana at Microsoft. Not to be left out, Apple is now trying to hire a “lyrics curation manager,” presumably to help attach the words to the songs in Apple Music. Actually, the job listing suggests the manager will be in charge of a whole team of lyrics curators. 

Apple announced last spring it would be adding lyrics to the subscription streaming service, but I suspect that because the job description uses the word “curation” Apple may be planning the lyrics curation group to suggest songs to users based on lyrical content. Apple already relies heavily on human curators, as opposed to algorithms, to suggest music to consumers.

The winning candidate for the manager job will have to as comfortable in spreadsheets as they are in lyric sheets. Here’s the main part of the job description at Apple’s recruiting site:

“We’re looking for a manager to lead a team of lyrics curators with excellent writing skills, music knowledge, and attention to detail. Passion for technology and a will to question the current workflows with the mindset to improve tools and processes. General understanding, love, and ideally, experience in writing lyrics.”

Source: Music Business WorldwideMS