• 08.15.16

Tim Cook on the real test for a company’s culture

Tech companies care about their company culture almost as much as the products they sell. Here’s what Apple CEO Tim Cook told the Washington Post is the real test for a company’s culture:

The real test is: Are you creating a ripple that helps other people as well? An example of that is the environmental work. We’ve had environmental work going on at Apple for decades, but we didn’t talk about it, and we didn’t set aspirational kind of objectives. We used the same philosophy we do with our products, which is you unveil them when you’ve finished. But we stepped back and re-evaluated that and said, “You know, if we wait until you do that, we’re not helping anyone else get there, too.”

Cook recently told Fast Company that Apple’s culture is the reason people want to work for it:

Culture is the attraction of Apple. If you’re on the outside, why do you want to join Apple? You want to join Apple because you want to change the world. That was the attraction back in the garage, and that’s the attraction now.