Stories to read this weekend

• A great example of turning a little piece of information (the Trump account tweets from iPhones and an Android phone that most likely belongs to Trump himself) and turning it into a bigger story. — Nikita Richardson, “Is Trump’s Campaign Locking Him Out of Twitter?”

• As I watched the track and field events at the Olympics last night, I couldn’t help thinking about Houston McTear, who set a world record in the 100-yard dash as a teenager and then became homeless, as told in this heartbreaking story. — Marcus Baram, “The Slow Descent of Houston McTear, the Greatest Natural Sprinter Ever”

• Could the legalization of marijuana be the reason we’re seeing a heroin crisis? — Noah Robischon, “El Chapo and the Secret History of the Heroin Crisis”

• The animation studio continues to push the boundaries of stop motion animation, proving that old techniques and new tech can work in harmony. — Eric Alt, “From Coraline To Kubo: Laika’s Artistic And Technological Journey”

[Image: Library of Congress]MB