How does Clinton’s tax rate and income compare to that of Obama and other nominees?

The 2015 tax returns released by Hillary Clinton this morning showed that her effective tax rate was 34.2 percent, which seems relatively high. She and her husband had $10.75 million in income and made $1 million in charitable contributions (mainly to the Clinton Foundation) that year. But is that high, compared to President Obama and previous nominees?

Pretty high, it turns out (Obama’s tax rate varied between 18.4 and 33.7 percent and Mitt Romney famously had a 13.9 percent rate in 2011), though she and Bill Clinton also earned a lot more than the Obamas and even Romney in recent years. Here’s a look at how Clinton compares to the president and other recent nominees.

Oh, right. Except for this guy, who’s still refusing to release his tax returns. Then again, it’s likely he wouldn’t even make it on the chart since Donald Trump just may pay nothing in taxes, reports the New York Times.

 (Note: The rates and incomes are for the candidate and their spouse. Also, Romney’s 2009 tax rate and income is an estimate, done by several tax experts in 2012. Also, his info is unavailable for other years.)MB