These 5 Medium posts show the thinking of Trump’s unshakeable supporters

The media hasn’t done a good job of defining what makes Trump voters tick. Trump voters don’t do a good job of explaining why they want a Trump president (“He speaks his mind!” doesn’t cut it). Since Medium has become perhaps the one place on the Internet where reasoned, respectful political conversation can take place, we looked there for some answers. And found these:

• Adam Townsend, a former Democrat, wrote this piece about why he is voting Trump this election. The post elicited a lot of responses, both agreeing (like this one) and disagreeing with his points. 

• A response to Sam Altman’s post about Trump in which the author refutes Sam Altman’s assertion that Trump is dangerous and Hitler-esque and outlines point by point why Trump is fit to be president. The author, Andrew Torba, is a tech CEO and Y Combinator graduate.

• A post by Trump Organization lawyer Jason Greenblatt, who wrote it as a follow-up to his op-ed Donald Trump is a Visionary with Talents Our Country Needs.

• Onuora Amobi is another Obama voter who is (probably) voting Trump this election.

• This piece, while not written by a Trump voter, gives great insight into why Trump voters are not “complete idiots,” and is a really compassionate portrayal of what has led Americans to support him. 

[Photo: Flickr user Tony Webster]MS