Apple Car will use hollow batteries invented by small South Korean company, report says

A report in South Korea’s etnews says a small, 20-person South Korean company will provide at least some of the battery technology used in Apple’s top-secret electric car initiative, Project Titan. The report doesn’t divulge the name of the company, although MacRumors, after doing a patent search, suggests the company may be Orange Power

Apple intends to build its own batteries based on the South Korean company’s patented design. The battery in question is a cylindrical lithium-ion secondary battery about two fingers thick, the report says, with a hollow space in the middle for air cooling. 

Project Titan is said to already involve hundreds of engineers, some of which Apple recruited from the likes of Tesla, Ford, and GM. The product of the work, reports have said, could hit the road in 2020 or 2021. 

[Photo: Flickr user Automobile ItaliaMS