Scientists have researched if drunk or stoned sex is better for you

The awesome study was conducted by researchers at New York University and looks at 24 adults who engaged in sex while either drunk on alcohol or high on marijuana, reports the Washington Post. It found that, overall, drunk sex is riskier and worse for you than sex while high because:

• the “beer goggles” effect of alcohol did really lead to people sleeping with substandard partners and strangers, while being high on marijuana did not

• drunk sex commonly lead to feelings of regret, shame, and embarrassment after the act, while high sex did not

• drunk sex is more likely to make you feel nausea, dizziness, and sick versus high sex, which can make people feel distracted

• pleasurable sensations during drunk sex are often numbed, while pleasurable sensations during high sex are often enhanced—including more intense orgasms while high on marijuana

• drunk sex is riskier overall due to poor judgment while drunk, whereas people high on marijuana felt more in control

[Image: Gerry Dincher]MG