• 08.05.16

These are just some of the tech innovations being featured at the Olympics

• When Michael Phelps leads the U.S. delegation in tonight’s opening ceremony at Maracanã Stadium, he will be wearing a special Ralph Lauren jacket that features battery-powered electro-luminescent panels to light up the team logo on his chest.

• The uniforms for the Canadian rugby and the Swiss and Dutch beach volleyball teams, designed by Under Armour, feature NASA spacesuit technology, such as crystal-pattern sheets to absorb heat from the company, reports the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

• As has been widely reported, Visa is introducing new NFC-enabled wearables—a ceramic ring, a nylon band, and a watch—for payment at 4,000 stations throughout the facilities.

Intel is providing wide-area motion imagery cameras, heretofore only used by the U.S. military, to help with surveillance of Olympics venues. And Logos Technologies will also deploy the technology, via Simera cameras, on weather balloons and small blimps.