• 08.02.16

What gets built at a Facebook Hackathon? Find out live right now

Mark Zuckerberg opened a live feed to show off the latest work from Facebook‘s most recent Hackathon. Teams are joining him, along with chief product officer Chris Cox, in a conference room to give a short presentation. This is a huge deal for anyone who works at Facebook—an intern just walked in and introduced herself to Zuckerberg before sitting down to do the demo.

One project, called Remembrance, creates a dedicated space for loved ones to share memories about a person who passed away. 

After each demo, Mark discusses why it’s important to the company.

The next team walks in with a stuffed animal. They built a way to link a pet to your profile page. “That’s an idea that comes up every year,” says Zuckerberg after the demo. He points out that while most of the ideas won’t get built, they often inform or become features inside other products.

This is the first Hackathon demo that’s been streamed live, according to Zuckerberg.