• 08.02.16

Mattermark CEO: “There’s never been a better time for a Series A”

There’s been a lot of talk recently about startup funding starting to slow down. Speaking at 500 Startups Demo Day in Mountain View, CA Tuesday, Mattermark’s Danielle Morrill said that any of the trends we’re seeing now aren’t enough to indicate a downturn.

“On the whole there’s never been a better time for a series A,” says Morrill.

She says that we’re seeing fewer seed rounds happening. Seed rounds are down 37% from Q2 2015, with only 195 companies getting seed funding in Q2 of this year versus 309 during the second quarter of last year. 

For investors, that could also have a big impact.

“You may not have as many opportunities to say no as before,” says Morrill.EP