Samsung’s third-gen Gear VR will have wider field of view, same $99 price

Until now, the Korean tech giant’s virtual reality headset offered a 96-degree field of view, and was compatible with Samsung‘s Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7 and S7 Edge, and Note5 phones. 

With the announcement today of its new high-end Note 7, Samsung also said it is releasing a third-generation Gear VR headset that is compatible with the new phone, and that offers a 101-degree field of view. The price remains at $99, and the device will be released on August 19, with pre-orders starting tomorrow. 

The new Gear VR will also be compatible with Samsung’s $349 Gear 360 camera (also available August 19), meaning it should be fairly easy for users to shoot 360-degree video and then watch it on their VR headset. That’s far more satisfying than watching 360 video on mobile phones or desktop web browsers. 

Moor Insights and Strategy analyst Patrick Moorhead told Fast Company that the new Gear VR’s improved field of view is important. “While [the increase] may seem small, the experience improvement will be noticeable,” he said.DT