• 08.01.16

WNYC’s inventive new audio tool makes podcasts way more shareable

For all the innovation and excitement around podcasting, the medium has a serious drawback: Audio clips aren’t easy to share. Unlike written articles, which we can highlight, quote, and link to, bits of sound remain stubbornly locked inside an mp3 or another audio file hosted on iTunes, SoundCloud, or some other service.  

As a public radio station and podcasting pioneer, WNYC knows this frustration well. So they created a tool called the “Audiogram Generator” that generates socially sharable, animated sound waves that can be used to share entire episodes or post previews and clips in a format that’s tailor-made for social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 

According to a Medium post from WYNC, it’s working: 

On Twitter, the average engagement for an audiogram is 8x higher than a non-audiogram tweet and on Facebook some of our shows are seeing audiogram reach outperform photos and links by 58% and 83% respectively.  

Today, the team at WYNC open sourced the Audiogram Generator and made its source code available on GitHub so other media organizations and independent podcasters alike can start using it.  So far, NPR, The Economist, PRX, and Science Friday have signed up to test it out. JPT