Dueling words: How Clinton’s DNC speech differed from Trump’s RNC speech

With 102 days to Election Day, the final sentence of Hillary Clinton’s speech on Thursday night marked the beginning of the general election, with polls showing her neck and neck with Donald Trump. Both candidates’ convention speeches demonstrated their respective focuses, with certain words favored by each candidate: 


Violence (Trump 11, Clinton 2)

Terrorist/terrorism (Trump 9, Clinton 2)

ISIS (Trump 4, Clinton 2)

Police/law enforcement (Trump 8, Clinton 5)

Safe/safety (Trump 11, Clinton 5)

Immigrants (Trump 4, Clinton 2)

Guns (Clinton 3, Trump 0)

Jobs (Clinton 11, Trump 8)

Wall Street (Clinton 2, Trump 0)

A word cloud of Clinton’s speech:

A word cloud of Trump’s speech: