• 07.28.16

Machine learning is improving Google search results, data center energy efficiency

More than 100 teams at Google are already using machine learning to improve performance, according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

During Alphabet’s Q2 earnings conference call today, Pichai said that machine learning will be the “engine that’ll drive our future.” 

He also noted that among the 100 teams using the technology are StreetView, Gmail, voice search, and others.

“For example,” Pichai explained, “We’re using a ranking signal called RankBrain that relies on deep learning to improve results. It’s already enhancing the search experience in 40 languages, and based on user testing, RankBrain can already guess which results users will favor with about 80% accuracy.”

He said that advances like that are thought to help Google make search results more relevant in the future.

As another example, he pointed to a test last week that applied Google’s DeepMind machine learning algorithms to Google’s own data centers. The result of the test was up to a 40% reduction in energy needed for cooling. “This will greatly improve efficiency,” Pichai said, “and when we publish our research, we hope it will enable others to reduce emissions too.”DT