• 07.28.16

Amazon is doing just fine

Amazon just released its quarterly earnings report and the company is still on a tear. It handily beat analyst expectations—in terms of revenue and earnings-per-share—seeing healthy growth in both its international expansion as well as its cloud services. 

Here are a few take-homes:

One of Amazon’s biggest focuses right now is non-U.S. countries. It launched Amazon Prime in over 100 Indian cities. Prime Video will soon be launched there too, giving Indian users original video content from the region’s stars, said CEO Jeff Bezos in statement in the report. Amazon would be following a few other big video players already in India. Netflix, for instance, launched in the country earlier this year, and HBO offers streaming services to the region too. 

While the company didn’t give any updates about its Echo device sales, it did say that it added “1,900 third-party skills for Alexa, including new skills from Kayak, Lyft, NBC, Honeywell, and more.”

Amazon Prime day was also a huge success. The company called it “the biggest day ever for Amazon.” Compared to the previous year’s Prime Day, worldwide sales grew 60%, reported the company.  Amazon added that it was a “record day for Amazon devices globally.”CGW