• 07.28.16

The owner wants $90k for the site or else he’ll stop drawing anti-Trump Harry Potter fanfic illustrations

Jeremy Peter Green, 28, a lawyer and Sanders supporter, bought the domain back in 2011 for $8 when he surmised that there was a chance Hillary Clinton could pick Tim Kaine as her running mate (he also bought and Now he wants 90 grand from the Clinton campaign for the domain or else he might sell it to the Trump campaign or “wealthy people,” reports CNNMoney.

Green (who also goes by the name “Jeremy Pegg”) currently uses the site—we kid you not—to host his personal fan fiction illustrations of Harry Potter characters. Currently he has drawings of a Donald Trump/Voldemort character named “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Elected” but Green warns that if the Clinton campaign refuses to buy the site he “may put something less friendly up there.” As Pegg told CNNMoney:

“I’m kind of helping the campaign by making Donald Trump Voldemort. I’m going to stop giving them free advertising and may have to do something embarrassing.”

[Illustration: Jeremy Peter Green]