Twitter reacts to Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential nominee, Tim Kaine

When Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine began to speak at the DNC tonight, Twitter was not sure what to make of him. 

The wide eyed Kaine came across as sweet, sensitive—a Ned Flanders among men. 

He didn’t seem like the most exciting candidate.

But Twitter decided there was something likable about him.

And then he started imitating Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump—or at least attempted to.

Then the attacks got more serious. Kaine, still invoking the phrase “believe me” with a certain dopiness that people seemed to be charmed by, called Trump out for not making public his taxes.

And there was a certain appreciation for his fluent Spanish.

By the end, Kaine emerged (surprisingly) from his rather wandering speech as a likable fighter. Perhaps he’s just the kind of amiable sidekick that Democratic Presidential Hillary Clinton–who struggles on the likability meter–needs.