What to expect from Alphabet’s Q2 2016 earnings report

As Alphabet prepares to report quarterly earnings—with breakouts for its many different divisions—there are a few burning questions to ponder:

• Three months ago, the company said it brought in $20.257 billion in revenue, and that Google represented 99.3% of that. It’s not likely that percentage has changed significantly, but it will be interesting to see just how much.

• In early June, Nest—which brought in nearly all of Alphabet’s “other bets” revenue—lost its founder and CEO, Tony Fadell, after months of behind-the-scenes turmoil. How has Nest been faring without its creator?

• Alphabet has been spending a lot to make a lot—so how did its R&D spending affect its bottom line in Q2? If Alphabet hopes to be the most valuable company in the world, despite stiff competition from Apple, it will need to show strong profitability.

• Another thing we want to know is how many people are using live 360-degree video on YouTube, which was announced this quarter and first used at Coachella. As YouTube invests in live video, the technology could help it keep up with Facebook, which also has 360-degree video but not for live streams.

• Is Google making much progress with artificial intelligence and machine learning? In February, CEO Sundar Pichai said those technologies would be the company’s next big growth drivers.DT