• 07.27.16

Will Amazon’s Q2 earnings make Jeff Bezos billions again?

Amazon is scheduled to post its quarterly earnings report tomorrow and analysts are expecting colossal things. Last quarter, the company crushed its earnings, sending its stock flying, which caused Jeff Bezos’s net worth to skyrocket in the course of minutes. Based on expectations and a reportedly very successful Prime Day a few weeks earlier, most are anticipating similar results. Here are a few key things we’ll be looking out for:

 – How successful was Prime Day? Even though Prime Day’s sales won’t count toward this quarter, the company revealed that it was the biggest Prime Day the e-commerce company ever saw. We’ll be expecting more details from the company. We’ll also be looking for any news about how Prime memberships are ramping up.

 – Any hints of new services? Last quarter, we were looking out for any hints that the company could be getting into the logistics space. We’re still thinking about it, but the company’s reach could be even broader. Specifically, some analysts are looking for any ways that Amazon says it plans to speed up its shipping time. Methods the company takes to lower its fulfillment costs will surely be a big hit with investors.

 – Will Amazon post huge revenue growth again? Last quarter, the company hit $29.1 billion in Q1 revenue, beating expectations of $27.98 billion. This quarter, analysts are expecting $29.6 billion, which would be up from last year’s Q2 revenue of $23.2 billion.

 – Any AWS updates? Amazon is actively trying to scale its cloud offering, Amazon Web Services. Last quarter the company saw 64% year-over-year growth of AWS sales, hitting $2.57 billion. We’ll be interesting in learning if the company is able to keep up with that impressive growth.CGW