• 07.26.16

What to watch for in Facebook’s Q2 earnings report

It’s hard to remember those early days after Facebook‘s IPO, when Mark Zuckerberg’s company was seen as a financial catastrophe. These days, it’s a money-making machine with 1.65 billion monthly active users, and that’s reflected in its stock price, which is close to the company’s all-time high of $121.92.

Can it keep going? Analysts are certainly bullish on Facebook, predicting it will report around $6 billion in Q2 revenue on Wednesday. Last quarter it reported $5.38 billion in revenues

Here are some things we’re looking for in its Q2 earnings call:

• Can Facebook keep minting money and exceeding expectations? Analysts predict it will report earnings of 81 cents per share, which would be up 62% from the 50 cents per share it reported a year ago.

• It’s now been a full quarter since the release of the Oculus Rift. We hope Facebook will shed some light on sales of the high-end virtual reality headset, especially now that the company has worked through its production issues. (The Rift is now available to anyone who wants one.)

• At Facebook’s F8 developers conference in March, the company unveiled the bot platform for Messenger (which now has a billion monthly users). What has come of it since? Last we heard, “tens of thousands of developers” were creating bots for Messenger.

• We also want to know how well Facebook is doing at monetizing Live video, as well as how the Live platform is growing. In particular, we’re wondering if Facebook will elaborate on how it plans to address violent videos, as people increasingly use Facebook Live to document incidents of police brutalityDT